Your local Pop Up Farmers Market



 A healthy employee is a happy employee! Lose the vending machine and provide healthy fruits and vegetables for your staff. Eat Right Atlanta provides weekly deliveries of fresh fruits and vegetables to your office as a way of contributing to Employee and Company Wellness. We offer “Seasonal Fruit Assortments” and “Fruit by the Case.” 

This month’s seasonal fruit basket contains an assortment of hand held fruits - bananas, apples, pears, oranges, kiwis and satsumas. *This list is subject to change based on availability and quality of items on market day.


Seasonal Fruit Baskets

Small Seasonal Fruit Assortment (35 pieces assorted fruit) $35

Medium Seasonal Fruit Assortment (55 pieces assorted fruit) $45

Large Fruit assortment (75 pieces assorted fruit) $55

Fruit by the case (these prices change weekly depending on availability and season. In-season fruits are always more affordable)

1 case Bananas (150-200 ct) - $27   

1 case Pluots (70 ct) - $54

1 case Fuji Apples, (125 ct) - $52   

1 case Red Seedless Grapes - $52

1 case Pink Grapefruit (40 ct) - $38   

1 case D’Anjou Pears (110 ct) - $52

1 case Navel oranges (80 ct) - $52  1 case Clementines - $57

*Special and non-seasonal fruit may be requested.

Delivery fee: $25

To place an order, contact Nicole Folkes-Johnson


phone: (770)527-2631 mobile

office: (404) 822-8066

*All fruit items are whole - not cut. Whole case prices valid 12/7-12/14/19